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Why Floating, Why Now? Our Story

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I wouldn’t have guessed, going into my first float, that this would ultimately change the course of my life.  But, that’s what happened after we tried floating and, soon after, had what we would call an epiphany.

Since then, we have seen what can happen when instead of taking an “ah-ha” moment for granted, you act on it and begin moving toward a goal. Our passion for floating is what kept us on track and over time we had eventually taken enough steps in the right direction that the desired outcome started to appear in the distance.

What awaits us in the foreseeable future is an opportunity to finally share this incredible tool with others so they can experience something that has the potential to positively impact their lives. That is really exciting for us, and it’s the driving force behind why we first started down this path, why we have continued and why we intend to stay the course until we reach our destination.

Even though Floating was invented in the early 1950s and has been used by high-level athletes and other niche groups for decades, in some ways it is easy to understand why floating is only now (roughly in the last five to 10 years) starting to gain mainstream popularity.

As far as we can see, humanity needs the type of escape that only floating can provide, now more than ever before. That may sound dramatic, but consider that in an average day we take in more information at a faster rate and we are more connected to the rest of the world than ever before in our known history.


This instant “connectivity” has its benefits, but it has also caused us to become disconnected in many ways, resulting in an overworked, overstressed, overtired and simply overstimulated population. This costs the Canadian economy hugely every year in lost work and medical costs—just from stress-related ailments alone.

Hermes Trismegistus wrote, “As above, so below.” This appears to be true when you consider that as the expansion of the universe is speeding up, time seems to be moving faster and faster with every passing year. Well, at least it does to me…

This acceleration of technology, information and LIFE in general has spurred new kinds and levels of stress. Whether you believe the age of information we are live in is a good or bad thing, it doesn’t change the fact that we now have many stress-related issues that seem to be synonymous with modern day living. If we don’t address these issues, they can severely impact our health and wellbeing as individuals and humanity as a whole.

If we don’t address these issues, they can severely impact our health and wellbeing

Floating embodies many of the things—that for us as inquisitive wisdom-seekers, psychonauts and open minded individuals—are important in helping promote personal-growth. It also happens to be the perfect counterbalance to the demands of life, which is why we are so drawn to it and why we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience it themselves.


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