New to Floating?

Not sure if floating is for you, but want to find out?

  • One Time Float - 90 Minutes Well Worth It | $65 (90-minute float)
  • Beginner’s Intro 4 Pack, Or Your Money Back | 4 floats for $180 (Non-shareable. If you use all 4 Floats within 60 days and you aren’t happy with the results, we will refund your money. Floats never expire but must be used within 60 days to qualify for your money back).


Do you want to develop your float practice? As a member you can float regularly, at a discount!

  • Serotonin Membership | $55/month (1 float/month, non-shareable) New members receive one free-float upon sign up.
  • Dopamine Membership | $100/month (2 floats/month, shareable) New members receive one free-float upon sign up.

Additional Floats, in the same month are only $50 for Serotonin Members and $40 for Dopamine Members. No commitment, no hidden fees, cancel at any time.

Referral Program

We want to reward those who help us spread awareness around floating.

For every three people you refer, who buy a float, you will receive a free 90-minute float for yourself. (Applies to members and non-members).

Float Rewards

Float Packages

Great for sharing amongst couples, families, sports teams, small businesses, large companies and other organizations or groups. Shareable with as many other people as you would like. Starting at a minimum of 4-Floats for $190.

If you are interested in a float package, please contact us and we can help you find a package to suit your needs.

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Gift Cards

Giving a float is a great way to show someone that you care about their wellbeing.

Single Float Gift Card | $65

2-Float Gift Card | $120

3-Float Gift Card | $165

4-Float Gift Card | $190

Tell Us About Your Experience

"It's the only place that I have found in this world where you can eliminate all the senses, so you can try and master your thoughts, calm your body down and understand what it's like to truly be still. With our crazy-paced world, you rarely ever find an opportunity to do that."-Stephen Curry, 2X NBA Most Valuable Player

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