We offer 90-minute floatation therapy sessions, or “floats,” in one of our three modern, clean and very spacious float tanks. Choose from an open float room or two float cabins.

We recommend those who are new to this type of therapy try floating two or even three times within a relatively short period of time to settle into the experience. That’s not to say first-time floaters don’t have amazing experiences—they often do. But it can take a few sessions to truly relax and let go. That’s when the really good stuff happens!

How it Works


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Reminders / notices

We will send you an email reminder in advance of your scheduled float. If you need to cancel, we understand, we simply ask that you please give at least 24-hours notice when possible.

What to bring

Everything you should need before, during and after your float is provided. Just bring yourself and an open mind. If you wear contact lenses, please bring something to store them in. For those that would like a hairbrush for after your float, you will need to bring your own.

Showing up

When you come in, please mute your phone. It sucks having your float interrupted by a beeping phone. If you are a first-time floater, please show up a few minutes prior to your float so we can familiarize you with the centre, our float tanks, and the pre- and post-float process.


You will get your own private float room, which includes a float tank and a shower. After your pre-float shower, move to the tank, sit down slowly, lie back and let the Epsom salt solution do the rest. At this point, just breathe, try to relax mind and body and enjoy the experience!

When it’s Over

When your 90 minutes is up, you will hear music begin to play in the tank to notify you that your float is over. Take your time while getting out of the tank, then shower again to remove any excess salt.

Post-Float Etiquette

If, after your float, we do not engage you in conversation, please don’t take it personally - we actually don’t do it because we believe it can be for your benefit! The post-float state can be a great time to readjust, reflect or even just smile uncontrollably, so we like to give you some space. If and when you are ready to chat, we would love to hear about your experience.

Hang Out

You are welcome to chill out in our post-float space for as long as you like. There is a prep area with hairdryers, lotions and other toiletries that you are free to use. We provide complimentary tea and water, reading material, chalkboard wall and a post-float journal for anyone who wants to leave comments or document their experience for others to read.


The more often we float, the more we discover what works for us. In the meantime, we can try to help you make the most of your float.

Use the bathroom. Once you are in the tank we are pretty confident you won’t want to get out. If you need to go to the bathroom during your float, quickly rinse in the shower, throw on a towel and head to the bathroom.

Avoid caffeine. For at least four hours before your float. Caffeine activates the body’s stress response and can hinder your ability to relax.

Try different arm positions. We can hold tension in different parts of our bodies, which makes certain positions more comfortable than others, specifically for our neck and shoulders. Find what works for you. We offer an optional neck pillow, however we suggest first trying without it, as it can be a distraction.

Quiet the body and mind. To help enter a state of deep relaxation sooner, try to focus on your breath. This helps calm the mind and gives you something to come back to if your mind begins to wander.

Remove expectations. Each float experience is unique to the individual and the moment. Try to let go of expectations of what a float may or may not be. Instead, an open mind is best and if you want to set intentions, this can also be beneficial.

Salt water on the face/eyes. Hang one of the provided towels in the float tank where it is easily accessible, so if you get a little salt water on your face you won’t have to get out to dry it off. If you get salt water in your eyes use the spray bottle of fresh water hanging in the tank to rinse.

"In my life, one of the greatest benefits I have found is accessing higher levels of consciousness, which has helped me in business, with my own happiness and with health issues. That has been the guiding light for me, and floating has been a key, essential tool in figuring out my deepest self."-Aubrey Marcus, CEO, Onnit