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FAQ: Can I float if I am claustrophobic?

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Recently we took part in AirdrieFEST, an annual event that gives local small businesses and non-profits a chance to showcase their products and services. It was an awesome event—a great opportunity for us to start generating awareness around floating. Best of all, it was a chance to speak to our fellow floaters and floaters-to-be.

Since we started floating and talking to others about our experiences, we continue to be surprised by how many people mention claustrophobia as their main concern.  At first we couldn’t fully comprehend this, having never really experienced claustrophobia, but we began to see that in the case of floating, this fear usually stems from a misunderstanding about what a float tank is, or isn’t.

those who give floating a chance almost always have positive experiences

Most people who have only heard about floating imagine float tanks as small, confined, coffin-like contraptions, in which case I would understand the apprehension! Fortunately the float tank design has come a long way since the 1950s. Nowadays float “tanks” come in a variety of names, shapes and sizes.

At Ascension Float Centre we have one “open float pool” that resembles an oversized bathtub. It’s completely open to the rest of your private room. We have all seen bathtubs, which makes this style of float tank one of the most popular for first time floaters for its familiarity and open concept.

We also have two float “cabins,” which are kind of like walk-in closets. They are large enough to stand up and move around in comfortably. Inside they are about 7 feet tall, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, with built in speakers and lights controlled by you.

These new styles of float tanks alleviate the concern of claustrophobia in most cases once people actually see the tanks. It becomes clear that these modern day tanks are far from the cramped, tanning bed-like boxes that many new floaters imagine them to be.

If you are still hesitant, remember that at all times YOU are in complete control of your float experience. Each tank is in its own room with a private shower, so if at any point during your float you are uncomfortable, you are free to get in or out as YOU choose.

Our challenge as float centre owners is showing people that floating is not a scary, ominous thing to be feared, but is incredibly relaxing, rewarding and beneficial. Fortunately, those who give floating a chance almost always have positive experiences, which is great because they also like to talk about their floats. Positive word-of-mouth is the best way to help us spread awareness!

remember that at all times YOU are in complete control of your float experience

Still aren’t sure? If you want, come down to our centre and we will gladly show you our float tanks in person so you can make an informed decision. No one will force you to get in our float tanks; all we suggest is giving floating a try.

Happy Floating!

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