Floating Benefits

Floating is great for anyone seeking pain or stress management, anxiety relief, incredibly deep rest and relaxation, a more positive mood, enhanced creativity, introspection and reflection. Regularly experiencing these results leads to greater awareness and wellbeing, improved quality of life and ultimately personal growth.

Floating is for real and it is backed by science, with ongoing studies showing the benefits.

Stress Reduction / Management

Floating suppresses the fight-or-flight response and activates the relaxation response, shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure, and reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol. A regular float practice increases our threshold for stress tolerance, which makes it easier to remain calm, cool and collected at all times.

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Pain / Chronic Pain Management

Many of the benefits of floating are interconnected. A reduction in pain is not only a result of the weightless environment that eliminates strain on our bones, joints and muscles, but is also due to the production of certain "feel-good" hormones and the triggering of the relaxation response.

Strengthened Immune Function

In large part due to lowering the production of certain stress hormones like cortisol.


Meditation is proven to have a number of benefits, however it can take years of practice to become efficient at reaching the "zen-state" through traditional meditation. In a float tank, the removal of all distractions makes it easier for even the most inexperienced meditators to induce the theta-brainwave state, which is the goal during deep meditation.

Improved Athletic Performance

Used by many professional sports teams and athletes, float tanks expedite muscle and injury recovery and heighten the impact of visualization techniques.

Left Brain-Right Brain Synchronization

The right brain is believed to be the source of intuition and clarity. When it works in synchronization with the left brain, productivity, awareness and performance improve. Increased right brain activity is also associated with creativity, which may be why artists and other creatives find floating so beneficial.

Improved Sleep Quality

It has been said one hour in the float tank equals a few hours of sleep. Whether or not this is accurate, floating helps reset our circadian rhythm so we feel refreshed and rejuvenated, which is great for shift-workers, pilots or anyone else who may be sleep deprived.


Without distractions, we can focus our attention inward to observe our own mental state and recognize thought patterns and feelings that may not be serving us, so we can learn to let go and rebuild new patterns.

Maintain Homeostasis

Homeostasis is a process that maintains the stability of the body’s internal environment, like temperature, energy intake and growth. The controlled conditions in the float tank allow us to maintain homeostasis so we can function at optimum levels.

Improved Healing and Recovery Time

The weightless environment in a float tank allows our muscles to fully relax without any pressure points, improving blood circulation and distributing oxygen throughout the body. This helps repair muscles, joints and ligaments. It is believed that the Epsom salt solution allows magnesium to be absorbed through the skin, which is said to help with inflammation, among other things.

Magnesium Absorption

The water in a float tank is heavily saturated with Epsom Salt, which is rich with magnesium, an incredibly important mineral in maintaining health. Unfortunately many of us today are magnesium deficient, which can cause symptoms including fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, poor memory, irritability, among others. Floating in the Epsom salt solution allows our body’s to actually absorb magnesium through the skin, which can help to supplement magnesium deficiency.

"Floating for me, encompasses everything I'm looking for. It's a pathway to stress relief, physical rejuvenation, deep relaxation and a place where I can access higher levels of consciousness. In our hectic, overstimulated, technological world, I can't think of another haven similar to that of the float tank environment."-Harley Harper, CEO of Ascension Float