The Float Experience

Imagine a completely effortless, calm state of being—total elimination of stimuli. Stress, anxiety and physical tension dissipate, and peace of mind and clarity emerge.

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A sanctuary of stress relief, performance optimization and happiness. COMING MID-MARCH 2017

What Is Floating?

The goal of Floatation Therapy is to eliminate all sensory input including gravity to encourage rest, recovery, stress relief, pain management, introspection, creativity and overall wellbeing.

"Floaters" lie in 10 inches of water saturated with 1,000 pounds of dissolved Epsom Salt so that we float effortlessly, in a room that is soundproof, and when you turn out the lights, lightproof.

The buoyant Epsom Salt solution is warmed to skin temperature so we begin to lose track of where our body ends and the water begins, providing a therapeutic setting unlike any other environment on earth.

And now it’s available in Airdrie.

Benefits of Floating

Floating can be for everyone as a simple, convenient and enjoyable way to provide the body and mind a break from the various stressors we are exposed to.

While floating, the whole self begins to operate more efficiently, helping to improve our overall state of wellbeing.

There is 60 years of research into the benefits of floating! Explore below how floating promotes a better you.

Benefits of floating mental


Benefits of floating Emotonal


Benefits of floating Spiritual


Benefits of floating Physical



Better people, better communities and a better world with fewer stress-related ailments, more open-mindedness, and an improved quality of life and wellbeing.

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Whether you are a one-time only floater or looking to develop a regular float practice, we offer pricing options to accommodate you.

We also have bulk float packages and gift cards available.

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